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The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

When choosing new flooring for your home, you want to find the perfect material that looks good, fits your needs and is cost-effective; it’s important to do your research beforehand so you can make an educated decision. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, laminate flooring is a great place to start. Here are just a few reasons laminate might be the versatile flooring solution you’ve been seeking!

Laminate flooring, sometimes referred to as floating wood tile, is a synthetic flooring made of multiple layers of fiberboard fused together and covered with a photographic applique layer that is then laminated with a protective plastic wear layer. Because the applique layer is essentially a high-resolution photograph, it’s relatively easy to apply realistic textures, meaning laminate is available in many styles. A number of patterns mimic real wood and stone, creating flooring that looks just as good as the real thing for a fraction of the price.

Laminate flooring is easy to install. An interlocking tongue and groove system allows individual planks of laminate to snap together like large puzzle pieces. Because the panels don’t need to be glued or nailed down, you can install laminate on top of any kind of subflooring, including wood, plywood, concrete, or even pre-existing vinyl flooring.

Because of the outer wear layer, laminate flooring is very durable. It is still susceptible to some scratches or dents, but significantly less so than other flooring varieties. This makes it well-suited for high-traffic areas around the home or houses with children or pets. Laminate’s only weakness is moisture. Because it is made of compressed particle board, laminate absorbs water very easily. This can cause it to warp or expand. As a result, laminate is not suited for bathrooms or other areas where it would likely become wet for extended periods of time.

Keeping your laminate flooring clean is quick and easy. All that is required is a duster or vacuum to remove small particles of debris; for spills or stains, simply wipe over them with a damp cloth or mop and be sure to thoroughly dry the area afterward.
Just like the installation, replacing any damaged or worn pieces of laminate tiling is easy. All you have to do is remove the broken piece and lock in a new one.

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