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Have Pets? Here is What to Do to Prevent Hardwood Floor Damage

We all love our furry little friends: they’re cute and fluffy and adorable and the perfect cure to a long day of work when you come home. If your home has hardwood floors, then it’s a good idea to know some hardwood flooring care tips, because you also love how your house looks. While some people may think it’s impossible to have both, that’s anything but the truth: with a few tips and some knowledge, it’s perfectly doable to have both. So today our Act 1 Flooring Team will let you know how to best take care of your hardwood floor so that you can best prevent your floor from getting damaged if you have pets!

How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

There’s no denying it: hardwood floors are timeless and stunning. As a natural product, wood is always an amazing option for your house as it carries an elegant strength and brings character to your house. Unlike other flooring options, a few scratches often add to the character of the house instead of getting rid of some of its appeal. Having a hardwood floor is also preferable to carpeting, because it takes just one unfortunate incident with your pet to have them soil the carpet, which is often difficult to remove. That said, you can make sure that a few scratches don’t become too many scratches with the following handy tips!

  • Put a few mats and rugs in areas that are prone to high traffic. For example, it’s a good idea to put a mat where your dog plays the most so he won’t scratch the floor unnecessarily. Placing some rugs by the main entrance will help minimize the amount of dirt that your pet might bring inside, which can harm the floor if not treated and cleaned properly. Alternatively, get a runner for the route your dog uses the most (such as going to check the door or eat some food).
  • If an accident does happen and your pet has an accident on your hardwood floor, it’s important to immediately exercise proper wood floor care. Use paper towels to absorb the liquid and get rid of the moisture. With some warm water and vinegar, clean it again to remove the smell. Clean it once more with warm water, then dry it with a paper towel. Consider getting some odor removers or a special stain remover to clean it thoroughly to help prevent your pet from trying to mark that as its territory again.
  • Sweep and vacuum your hardwood floor on a regular basis to stay on top of pet hair. If your furry friend sheds constantly, you probably need to groom it regularly. Get a hardwood floor vacuum as well so you can get vacuum your floor with ease and without having to worry about scratching your floor. Make sure the vacuum has softer bristles (not plastic or vinyl) so it won’t cause permanent damage to your hardwood floor.
  • Wax your hardwood floor. As a wood floor care best practice tip, this is perhaps the best tip that serves multiple purposes. Waxing your hardwood floor creates a lustrous shine that will breathe some life into your home and impress your guests, but it also helps create some more traction on your floor. How this translates over with pets means that your furry friends won’t be as likely to feel that they have to dig their nails into the hardwood floor so that they can slow down or control themselves when they’re moving quickly.
  • If you’re in the process of installing a floor for your home, there are some tips that you can consider to help minimize damage. Go for solid wood instead of engineered wood, since it’s better quality and can easily withstand more sanding. Look for woods that have stronger graining and a higher Janka rating. The higher the hardness rating, the more resistant the wood is. Another alternative is to consider distressed wood flooring, since it comes with either natural or designed markings that go a long way towards masking any imperfections or scratches that may show up down the line. Don’t forget to go for a finish that’s pet-friendly: natural, light shades that are oil- and wax-based are your best bet.

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