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The necessity for waterproof flooring

Can you think of some things that might necessitate a need for waterproof flooring? A home located in an area that’s prone to flooding? A residence that is primarily underground and apt to take on water from time to time? A rental property where you’d like to have peace of mind against water leaks or damage?

These are just a few of the reasons you might think about choosing waterproof flooring. Our question is, do you really need a reason?

Waterproof flooring for all occasions

The fact is, accidents concerning water or major spills happen more often than you expect. Just think of the appliances and fixtures in your home that might experience a failure of some sort. There’s the water heater, the washing machine, the bathtub, the kitchen sink and any one of the lines that go to them. That isn’t even taking into consideration things like leaks in your ceiling that might happen due to storm damage or some other misfortune.

Having waterproof flooring means that none of these situations will ever dictate the need to replace your flooring. Even with substantial Act-of-God flooding, waterproof flooring has proven its worth, as it only needs to be dried off and put back down, once the water damage is cleaned up.
Waterproof floors in Pensacola, FL from Act 1 Flooring & Supply

Is waterproof flooring better than water resistant?

Water resistant flooring simply means that if a spill or some other large amount of water happens to get to your floor, you have a little time before it seeps in. Waterproof, on the other hand, means exactly that. It is 100% waterproof and no damage will come to your flooring.

Thanks to the construction of waterproof flooring, water simply cannot penetrate to reach the fibers inside. This means that no warping, cracking, swelling or contracting will ever happen, no matter how much water your floor takes on.

As an added benefit, the backing is constructed of cork or some other material that is not only resistant to water, but mold and mildew as well. That means that even in the dampest of circumstances, you’ll never have to worry about developing a mold problem.

Get your waterproof flooring here

Act 1 Flooring has seen a few floors after water damage and we know that’s not a problem you want to deal with. With a showroom located in Pensacola, FL, we service the areas of Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pace and Perdido Key, and we proudly carry a full line of waterproof flooring. Stop by our showroom today to see for yourself.

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