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    What is 7 x 8 ?

    It can be a challenge to update the look of your kitchen décor, but it is nonetheless an important step to take to keep your home looking fabulous. The kitchen is often described as the heart and soul of a home because it is a common gathering place for the family as well as when entertaining.

    However, while you may replace furnishings, lamps and other features when updating the look of other rooms, this is not possible in the kitchen. A great way to improve the look of your kitchen with minimal cost or effort is to install a professional custom backsplash.

    The importance of the backsplash

    The custom backsplash in a kitchen is almost at eye-level, and it may cover most of the perimeter of the kitchen. Because of this, this important feature is highly visible and has a dramatic influence on the overall style of the home. There are numerous material options available for you to consider when updating this feature, and this gives you great opportunity to create the perfect look in your space with ease.


    Why customization is important

    Few homeowners want their home to look like their neighbors’ homes. They may want to instill a touch of individuality and personalization in their space, and the perfect way to accomplish this in the kitchen is with a custom backsplash. A custom backsplash is one that utilizes the materials that you have selected and installed in a design or pattern that appeals to you.

    The benefits of professional installation from Act 1 Flooring

    Some homeowners may think about installing their backsplash on their own as a do-it-yourself project, but there are benefits associated with professional custom backsplash services.

    With professional custom backsplash services, the design of your kitchen can be customized to your specification, and the finished result can be flawless. In addition, you will not need to buy equipment, and the project can quickly be completed.

    Updating your kitchen décor may seem challenging and costly. However, this simple and affordable project can have a great impact on the look of your space. You can contact a professional installer today for more information. (877) 963-8362.