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    Luxury vinyl plank and what it means for you

    If you are considering luxury vinyl plank for your next flooring option, you’re in good company. Once upon a time, vinyl was well known as a cheap flooring material that was the tight budget choice of many a homeowner. Usually available in roll form, you could easily purchase a piece of vinyl that would fit wall to wall with no problem. However, these days, vinyl has found a new home in many high-end homes, commercial locations and even some resorts.

    How did we arrive at this new placement for vinyl? By manufacturing luxury vinyl planks, also known as LVP that has so many combined benefits that it’s hard to stay away from.

    Luxury vinyl plank mimics natural resources

    Natural flooring materials are highly sought after, because they look is so elegant and timeless. Solid hardwood and various natural stones can add a touch to a home that nothing else can. Many flooring manufacturers attempt this look, and LVP pulls it off better than most.

    The main reasons so many people choose LVP over the natural materials themselves are the benefits. For instance, you simply cannot place solid hardwood floors in a basement. But luxury vinyl can be used in any space with no problems or worry. LVP is also much more resistant to moisture, water and stains than hardwood or stone.

    Luxury vinyl is easy to install

    There are few flooring options as easy to install as luxury vinyl plank. In fact, in some cases, the planks simply click and lock together, creating what is known as a “floating floor”. Very little, if any, subfloor work has to be done, and it can even out some areas of your floor that were otherwise uneven.

    LVP comes in easy to manage sizes that also hasten the installation, since the bigger the piece, the harder it is to put into place. This also diminishes the amount of waste material you will have left over after the installation is finished. Smaller pieces mean fewer cuts, and that equals less waste.

    Choosing luxury vinyl flooring isn’t hard

    If you need a little helping choosing the right luxury vinyl plank floors for your home, come see us at Act 1 Flooring. We service the areas of Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pace and Perdido Key and have a showroom located in Pensacola, FL. Stop by our showroom today to see our full line of luxury vinyl plank flooring.